This section is dedicated to the reading we all have to do every now and then offline. There are several categories in this section, please note that my rating is for each book in its own category; i.e. a book in the "entertainment history" category will be rated based on how amusing it is, not on the accuracy of its facts. You can find more details on each book in its detailed review.

Fiction Books
You'll find here "serious" books, set in ancient times or otherwise related to ancient history; they are the kind of fiction that dwells on some serious, thought-provoking themes, not an easy subway reading.

Little Fingers - Filip Florian 

Historical Mysteries
This is a genre that took off famously in the recent years, and I strongly believe we should all stock up on historical whodunits just in case we get trapped in the house for years by a horde of rampaging gorillas. You never know when you'll have enough time to read them all.

A Murder on the Appian Way - Steven Saylor 

Ovid - David Wishart

Pompeii - Robert Harris 

Entertaining History Books 
A lot of history books, old and new alike, take their facts from less reputable sources, but make it up in their sheer entertainment value. You may want to hold back quoting them in an academic paper, but they make great Christmas gifts for acquaintances.
Iggy Pop's article in Classics Ireland
Flushed - W. Hodding Carter

Roman Passions - Ray Laurence

Real History Books
When history gets serious, and a tad boring.

Gwyn Morgan - 69 AD - The Year of Four Emperors

Pierre Grimal
The Sons of Caesar - Philip Matyszak

Ancient Texts
They used to write a lot in those days. Despite what they teach you in school, it's not all boring and useless.

Pliny the Elder - Naturalis Historia