Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome, 2011!

Wohoo, new year, new beginnings, new everything! And it's all white and snowy and fluffy and january over here, a perfect fairytale – as I hope you've all enjoyed this winter season.

Speaking of January. I guess you've been taught in school that it was named after Janus, one of the very few major Roman gods that did not have a Greek equivalent. Janus, the god of doors and gates, locks and hinges, whose temple gates were open in times of war, and closed only when there was peace throughout the entire Roman world (which only happened twice. Guess all the priests in the temple died of cold and lack of privacy). Janus with two faces, looking forward and backward, the god of new beginnings, changes and crossroads – perfectly suited to preside over the birth of a new year: lessons learned from the past and ideals of the future, all rolled into one.

Makes sense, right? To us. Because for the Romans, January was not the first month of the year, it was the 11th. (with November being the 9th and December the 10th, duh)

So, Janus was a really cool god, but don't believe everything they teach you in school. Or everything you see on TV, or read on the Internet. You know what? Just don't believe anything, and make this your new year resolution. I'll be researching Janus and I'll post what I find, as long as you promise not to believe a thing.

God or no god, welcome, 2011, and have the best of all possible years, everyone!